In order to make your record or song stand out amongst the rest, you need the best possible sounds you can get from the beginning. That all begins with the engineer. Microphone selection, placement and techniques play a large role in the sound of your album. Furthermore, knowledge of different preamps, EQ's, and other outboard gear is important during the recording process of your album, to ensure the best sounds are achieved. We offer a level of expertise in these fields that will help us make your album stand out amongst the rest. With knowledge in both small, and professional grade studios, we can help you achieve the best sounds, regardless of budget. 



Recording music is the fun part, editing, not so much. Editing can be tedious and time consuming, and working in an industry where getting your music ready as fast as possible is important, it is important to have someone fluent in Pro Tools, to perform editing duties in a timely manner. Whether it's drum timing, sample replacement, vocal tuning, editing vocals, mix prep or comping together different takes, we can do so in a timely manner. With a high level of expertise in Pro Tools, we can take on your editing duties, allowing you to get back to tracking, or get your tracks ready for mixing in a timely manner.



Production is arguably one of the most important parts in the recording process. It combines technical knowhow, creativity and musical knowledge. With a long history of writing music, we can help perform any and all production needs whether it be demos and pre-production, or full on production for your record. Production is used in helping you take your dreams for your music and bringing them to fruition. With every project we bring in a level of expertise and experience, coupled with a passion for music, and the creation of it, that will allow us to help you make your musical dreams a reality. With our production by your side, we can help you create the best possible record from start to finish. 



With the influx of musical technology readily available in todays industry, one way to make your songs stand out, is mixing. Often overlooked, due to the availability of plugins, professional mixing can give your track that shine and shimmer it needs to stand above the rest. Knowing how and when to use certain plugins and analog gear, is what sets a professional mix apart from the others. Outfitted with a knowledge of both digital and analog mixing, we can help mix your songs to a level where they will be unparalleled by the rest. We offer an assortment of plugins from Slate Digital, Waves, Soundtoys and Avid, as well as knowledge and experience mixing on analog gear, in professional grade studios. Regardless of budget, we can offer you the tools you need to have your track stand out amongst the rest.

Pro Tools Operation


Sometimes, while working with very hands on producers and engineers, having to run Pro Tools can be not only distracting, but time consuming. We contain a high degree of knowledge and speed in Pro Tools that can be used to help your sessions move along faster, with no distractions or loss of vibe. We are able to track & edit on the fly, ensuring your sessions move along smoothly and no time is wasted. 


All of the Above


Any and all of the services listed above can be coupled together into one package, to ensure you can create the best possible record you can make. We are available to help you make the best record you can at any and all points from start to finish. With knowledge and experience in multiple professional grade studios, as well as smaller studios, we can help you achieve the best possible sounds for all your audio projects. For more informations, or to get a quote, please contact us so we can discuss further.

We look forward to helping make your musical dreams a reality.