Photo by Oliver Salathiel

     Drake Andrews is an Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Songwriter, based out of Ontario, Canada.

     Drake began studying guitar at the age of 11, and 2 years later took up drums. From then on he knew he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. He went on to be the songwriter and drummer for multiple local bands in the Greater Toronto Area. Driven by a passion for not only music itself, but the creation process of it, Drake took a Special High Schools Major in Audio, and upon graduation went on to study at the prestigious Metalworks Institute. After honing his audio engineering & music production skills through his 11 month stay at Metalworks, where he finished with honours, Drake began working as an on-call assistant engineer for The Orange Lounge in Toronto, Ontario. 

     Drake received a mentorship award upon graduation from Metalworks, due to his high academic achievements. The mentorship was with legendary Engineer & Producer Lenny Derose (Alice Cooper, Fefe Dobson, Mötley Crüe).

     Once Drake began working at The Orange Lounge, he was trained by Grammy award winning engineer Jason "METaL" Donkersgoed, on how the studio runs, its ins and outs, proper protocol and etiquette, as well as the day to day studio maintenance and necessities. He took on late nights, long hours and tedious editing with which he was able to sharpen his skills in all fields of the audio world. Having worked with artists such as Metric, JRDN, J-Soul & more. As well as producers like Southside, Hagler, Sebastian Kole & more, Drake has been able to learn from the best in the industry.

     Drake continues to work on call with The Orange Lounge, and is also available for freelance engineering, songwriting, production, mixing and more. Armed with a tremendous knowledge base of both analog and digital recording tools and platforms. As well as considerable experience in the industry and in both large scale and small grade studios, Drake is equipped to perform any and all audio related needs. For list of all of the services we offer, please click here.